About Us

* Digitaleye Technologies * Digitaleye Technology Sdn Bhd * Y-Nung Computers Sdn Bhd * Technoweb Enterprise

Our Mission Statement :

  •  Provide our clients with the highest quality products. 
  •  Provide superb installations & exceptional post-sale service at an affordable cost while offering a maximum return on their investment. Company History : 
  •  Established in year 1997 as Y-Nung Computers S/B, providing IT services and networking solution 
  •  The company grew as well as its impeccable reputation for quality products and its unmatched installation and services 
  •  Later in year 1999, company renamed to Digitaleye Technology S/B, with its new name, the company focused it efforts on the PC based DVR recorder server and CCTV cameras system * After years of dedicated service, Digitaleye Technology adding Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, Home Automation, Electrial and Electronic Services to its steadily growing video surveillance business. 
  •  Finally, this allowed Digitaleye Technology S/B become an One Stop Video Surveillance and Security provider. 
  •  We are proud to continue our relentless pursuit of perfection in the surveillance and the security industry. 
  •  We are also pleased to offer our clients endless commitment to total customer satisfation while providing a complete, risk free surveillance and security package.